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January 11, 2009

Google - Site Links

Google always shows the most relevant results for the search query by it's users, and this time it's typically based on the more informative pages based on the search term regarding the queries.

The Concept behind Site Links
Google is displaying important pages from your site in the form of Site Links. Site Links are the way to display the information based on the search query by the user, for the other pages in the website which Google thinks can provide or be beneficial to it's users.

The process of displaying the Site Links in the search results is completely automatic and Google creates the site links for your website, based on the information which a user wants by showing the most relevant pages from the website.

Just have a look by searching the domain/business of your website, and check the search results for the same. If your site links are not displayed then that simply means, the Site links for your website is not yet generated by Google.

The Google's way of displaying the sitelinks is completely algorithmic, which has nothing to do with your business. The links are displayed (if any) by first showing the web result for your business in the same manner, i.e.,

-- by displaying the Title, Description along with the display URL of your business; and after that the site links come.

Just do a google search for (ex infosys) and see the site links.

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