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September 17, 2009

Now Email No More Required To Login For Your FaceBook Account

Better Late Than Never!!

These days nearly all the social networking websites are
providing their users with the choice to select their usernames for that Social Networking Site, as it's convenient and provides easy-to-remember web address for the site, wherein all the friends can connect.

Now its the turn for Facebook. Facebook in it's recent up gradation launched a super, easy and a convenient way to access the user accounts. Now you can login with your user name to your Facebook account from any web browser, mobile phone or Facebook Connect-enabled website. Facebook Blog Announcement

Users can still be able to log in with their address.

This is a step ahead for the previous development (10 June 2009) wherein the Facebook announced the launch of usernames for individuals account.

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London Web Design said...

Great post. Nice information. Thanks for an insightful post. These tips are really helpful. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Keep blogging.

Ching Ya said...

That's right. We can now have the option of login using username or email add, based on preferences. I'm glad FB is accepting username as it's much more convenient.

Social/Blogging Tracker


Ya Ching. Infact it came off a bit late (that username stuff) but it's too cool.