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November 12, 2009

You Can Display Your Twitter Updates On Your Linkedin Profile and Vice Versa

LinkedIn recently announced the smart integration through which you can sync your Twitter account with LinkedIn and allow the status updates via Twitter to be displayed on the LinkedIn profile page and your status updates on LinkedIn to the Twitter page. It's like a two way communication between your status updates and tweets.

Here is how it works

From LinkedIn, you need to check the Twitter box under your Network Updates box on the homepage and follow the process. You can specify the Twitter acount which you would like to sync with your LinkedIn profile.

From Twitter, you can select to seen all or some of your tweets back to LinkedIn. In case you select to choose only some of your tweets, you need to add #li or #in to the tweet you want to be displayed on the LinkedIn page.

This is really a nice combination for the information to be shared to the respective users.

Image Source: Twitter Blog

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