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December 02, 2009

10 Best Practices for Blogging

Blogging is a way, to express your interests to others, in a tailor made manner. It can drive more traffic and helps you to keep in touch with visitors. It is a great way of communication with your potential customers or individuals. It is a key way to expand your prospects for the benefit of the organization. Last but not the least; blogging is a free way of promotion in online marketing.

Blogging 10 Best Practices

1. Objective: What is the objective to start the blog? What will a company/individual accomplish? The blogger i.e. the management or individual need to address the above questions.

2. Blogging Policies: Policies need to be set for a corporate blogging, as certain information need to be kept confidential.

3. Open for Comments: Receive the comments from other bloggers in a positive manner and develop healthy connections with the same.

4. Clarity: Maintain clarity in all the posts of your blog, as the same creates interest in the person to visit it again the next time.

5. Transparency: Whenever, the company is communicating about the new launches and other promotions, maintain high standards of transparency to gain trust in the customers.

6. Consistency: Post the posts in your blog at regular time intervals to keep the process of posting consistent.

7. Up-to-date Content: Posting fresh content, for the interests of the visitors, makes the visitors repetitive.

8. Informative: All the posts in the blog need to convey information that is of help to the visitors. For a corporate blogging, this aspect holds importance.

9. Comments on Other Blogs: Give comments of value. Highly relevant to the topic without any diversions.

10. Linking:
Linking to your own content need to be relevant, if not done, it could lead to deviation of the visitor from your blog.

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