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December 11, 2009

Google Adds Universal Search Features To Google Suggest

Google today added a universal search feature to Google Suggest. This is an awesome feature and provides a unique feature to search for the information on the web more faster and accurately.

The image below show the idea of Google suggest for the search query 'the great wall of china'

Image for Google Universal Suggest

If you look at the image below you will definitely find the suggestions for the search query, which in this case is 'the great wall'. The Universal Google suggest feature offers the suggestion related to the search query, suggesting the

the great wall of china
the great wall of china facts
the great wall of china history
the great wall restaurant
the great wall of china pictures
the great wall of china information
the great wall of los angeles
the great wall of china for kids
the great wall of china from space
the great wall of china map

Google suggest now features all the information related to the search query beneath the search query. This information will appear in suggest either above or below the suggested search terms for a variety of queries.

In total, there are currently 10 universal search features available in Google Suggest:
  1. Weather
  2. Flight Status
  3. Local Time
  4. Area Codes
  5. Package Tracking
  6. Answers
  7. Definitions
  8. Calculator
  9. Currency And
  10. Unit Conversions
The more Suggest feature will be available in near future, as always by Google for Suggest.

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