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December 02, 2009

Google Launches Site Performance Feature in Webmaster Tools

Google have launched a new feature in Webmaster Tools, for displaying the information about the speed of your website and also the suggestions to make it faster. This new feature is called as Site Performance feature and can be accessed in the 'Labs' section in the Google Webmasters Tools.

Speeding up the website has a lot of advantages including increased user retention and higher revenue etc.

Uses of Site Performance

The Site Performance feature can help you in
  • the time for the page download, i.e., the speed
  • past downloading time/speed
  • comparison with the other sites
  • examples to make your web page load faster
  • and page speed suggestions
The Funda behind Site Performance

Google derives the load time from the aggregated information obtained by the users of your website, who uses Google Toolbar and opted-in to its enhanced features. There is a point for the new websites and/or the sites with little traffic, that the performance charts and tables won't show up in the Site Performance feature.

The data shown in the charts represents a global average; some user may experience your site faster or slower than the average depending on their location and network conditions.

Google is always a step ahead and aims at bringing the specific and actionable speed information backed by data.

The feature is still in the experimental phase and Google is inviting suggestions as well as feedback to make it suit the users needs.


ppc management said...

continues improvement of google that's good.