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May 15, 2007

Google Supplemental Hell

Google Supplemental Issue:

Pages go supplemental when the site has same similar & less content pages.

How to avoid Google Supplemental Hell?

There are few considerations which would seek beneficial:

  • Installing a 301redirect from non-www to www
  • Not to use index.htm/index.html
  • Link only to the main page ,i.e., http://www.domain.com
  • Use "NOINDEX" meta robots tags on duplicate pages
  • Check for duplicacy
  • Multiple URL's should not refer to same page
  • Long session id's should be removed
  • Too many parameters should not be there in URL
  • Same content should not be there on multiple domains
  • Moreover "Meta-Description" tags should be not less than 60 characters
  • CSS/JS files should be saved externally
  • Place more content on home page