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June 27, 2008

Great Firefox Addons

Firefox released it's new version, Firefox 3.

There are the following Add-ons which I feel gives a cool and easy access to the website information:

Being a Website Optimizer, the first thing which comes into picture is the Page Rank, and what's good it becomes if you have the access to the Google Tool Bar for Firefox.

Then comes the Internet Explorer Tab within Firefox. I felt it to be a cool add-on to see the website in the same browser but in the IE tab. A really great add-on, Internet Explorer for Firefox.

Another Firefox which I like the most is Stumble Upon, which discovers the website as per the users interest, and gathers more information about the same. Click here to have the access to Stumble Upon addon for Firefox 3.

There is another addon for music lovers, called Foxy tunes for Firefox. It allows you to control almost any media player from your browser. You can also find lyrics, covers and so on.

One of the best Firefox addon, for web designers is the Web Developer addon for Firefox. It gives access to plenty of essential tools which gives access to obtain information, and to troubleshoot problems.

Wizz RSS News Reader, A RSS and Atom feed reader

The mainstay/mainpage of the FIREFOX ADDONS

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