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July 07, 2008

Google Sitemap

What is Google Sitemap?

Much of Google Sitemap, has been told in the previous post - Sitemaps. Google Sitemap is an XML file consisting of the URL's along with the following attributes,

~ Location of the page
~ Last Modified
~ Change of Frequency
~ Priority

How to create one for my own website?

In order to generate Google Sitemap, go to the following XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Enter the domain of your website and select the frequency as per your website. Select Change of Frequency, and click the start button.

Once done, the user will be asked to download the XML - Sitemap, in "Compressed or UnCompressed" format. Select any of those as per the requirements. Now, check wether the sitemap is saved as "SITEMAP.XML" or not.
If yes then place the sitemap in the root directory of the website.

In order to verify your Google Sitemap, Sign in to your Google Webmasters Tools account and go to sitemaps tab, and add it. Once done it will display on the dashboard as Sitemap Added.

In order to check the sitemap live, just write the domain of your website, in the address bar with a forward slash sitemap.xml, and see that it appears or not.

Example - http://www.your website.com/sitemap.xml