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July 13, 2008

Local Business Listing in MSN


Live Search Local, is the way to display the information to the user searching for a specific business(es) near by to his/her place. It's an effective way, for the businesses to display the information about their product/services to the users.

Benefits of listing your business on Live Search Local

It's free
It's like free advertising! The more information you provide, the easier it is for customers to find you.

It's fast
Improve or update your listing anytime to suit your needs. There's no schedule or hassle.

Reach your customers
Customers are already searching for what you provide. What better time to reach them?

List all of your locations
Expanding your business? Congratulations! Our listings can accomodate all of your locations.

You control your data
Our verification process helps protect your listing against unauthorized changes.

How to submit your business in MSN?

I am talking of Local Business Listing in MSN. It's a free and a great way to get your business in the MSN Search Engine. Here we go to submit our business in the MSN's Local Business Center. Click here to sign in for Local Business Listing in MSN.

You will be take to the login page, click "Add New Listing, you will be prompted to sign in. You can sign in to your existing MSN account or create a new one. The following is the login screen, of the MSN Local Business Center;

Firstly, enter the details of your business, and check if the listing is present there already or not. If it's there then you can edit it, otherwise go ahead.

Add, the entire information, regarding your business, i.e. the contact information, basic information, supplemental phone numbers, supplemental web pages, supplemental e-mail, hours of operation, payment methods, photos, additional information and professional contacts.

Once, done you will receive a post, onto your business address, to verify the listing. After validating your business, the listing will start appearing in the MSN Local Search Listing, and you will start experiencing the joy of the Local Listing.



Local Listings provides a more specific market to your business.

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