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July 31, 2008

MSN Website Optimization

MSN Search Engine, the third most popular search engine present on the net. After Google and Yahoo, MSN is the largest player for online searches. Here I want to share some tips for optimizing your website for MSN.

How to Optimize your website in MSN?

-) Always try to take a domain, which consists of your business keyword. The domain name should consist of the main keywrod of your business, and if possible it should be seperated by a hyphen, as the search engines consider it as a different word for the words which are in combination. Moreover, the search engines gives a bit more weightage to the websites which consists of the main business keyword in the domain itself.

-) Use keyword in the title tag once, and in the description tag not more than twice. Optimum usage says only once.

-) Use appropriate meta tags, depicting the picture of ur business and tell exactly what is that web page about. Don't stuff it with keywords. It may be considered as SPAM.

-) Maintain the optimum keyword density of nearly 3%, on the web page.

-) Name the pages of the website, as per the content of the webpage and the other important keywords. Most of the search engines see for the relevancy of the keyword found in the name of the page, or the URL.

-) Use keyword rich alt attributes for the images on to your web page.

-) Incoming Links, every spider loves. MSN give favours to the number of websites linking to your website. Unlike, Google and Yahoo, MSN only cares for the links coming form other websites.