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July 26, 2008

The Page Rank

What does Page Rank means?

PageRank gives a unique ranking to every page on the internet. The ranking number is based on the number and quality of inbound links pointing at a page amongst other factors - by Larry Page (co-founder of Google) to rank search engine results.

The Page Rank Myth

Some people think that the more the page rank, higher is the search result in the search engines. But I should say that, Page Rank has nothing to do with the listings in the search results. The Page rank as specified, is only based on the uniqueness, inbound links, the quality of the content and as Google says, how much informative your website is. In general words, the Page Rank determines the following,

- how much informative your website is,
- how much information a user/visitor can gain,
- what benefits it provides to the users,
- is it worth it's value,
- or is it providing false information

Based on many criteria the Page Rank of a web page is determined. While showing up for a specific "search term" in the top 10 results in Google is Optimization. Search Engine Optimization or Website Optimization has nothing to do with Page Rank.