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July 29, 2008

Yahoo Enhances It's Search Results Listing for Breaking News

Want to see the breaking news, then you can go to Yahoo! Search. In order to improve the freshness and recency of Search and to show the breaking news article faster, Yahoo! recently updated the search result listings, for the queries related to breaking news.

This is what Yahoo says

Yahoo based on the newsworthiness of each query, is displaying the News Direct Display (DD) in the most relevant position(s) on SERP and showing more fresh news than before.

This improves the user experience in a few ways.
- Yahoo is showing the results for the queries for the breaking news topic and is delivering the fresh results when it matters the most.
- And the search result for breaking news, i.e. the news direct display, appears at multiple positions, depending upon the relevancy of the search query.

Just try out the News Direct Display and check the results.