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August 28, 2008

Marketing your Blog!

We have a blog, and we are posting the content there, but who knows or is aware of our blog? Where do our blog stand in a sea of information and/or entertainment.

I want to share following points which should be considered to market your blog.

Things to be kept in mind regarding the BLOG

The theme of the blog should be clear enough to portray the image of the blog in the minds of the visitors.

Do, regular posting. If you are posting daily, or weekly or twice a month; do that on a regular basis. Search engines love to crawl the new content, the more they find the new content on to your blog, the more frequently they are likely to visit your blog, and hence better indexing of your blog.

If you are optimizing your blog, then please don't fill your blog with spam keywords.
This may lead to elimination of your blog from the search engine results.

Blog Marketing

Who does not wants his/her blog to be on the top and yield excellent results. That's not that difficult also. I am about to mention some of the tips to market the blog, it's not mandatory, but if done can give appropriate results.

Mention a proper title for your blog. An appropriate title gives a significant value and information to the search engine spiders as wel as to the visitors of the blog, as to what the blog is about.

Mention a description in about three lines, showing the overall view of your blog.
This also goes in accordance with the blog title.

Maintain 10 - 15 keywords for your blog. Actually, the Title, Description and Keywords (to an extent) goes hand in hand in Search Engine Evaluation of the Blog or the Website. So they should be relevant to the theme of the blog, and exactly clear and specific in terms of the blog.

Now, the other important thing which comes into play is that search engines should know your blog. Frankly speaking, I meant about Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In order to achieve the same, verfy your blog in the Google Webmasters Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and MSN Live Center. Website verification is done by either uploading a file in the root server of the directory or by uploading the meta tag provided by these search engines in the head section of the website. Read more about how to verify your website in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You can add the sitemap also for the better indexing of your website. Once the above technical things are done, we can proceed to the other marketing elements.