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August 24, 2008

Some Easy Ways to obtain a Back Link

Links Links Links ...

This is all about links. We live in a world links. Without links there is no popularity of the website.

As SEO's we know very well what is the importance of links and what it values for the website. A link from a website to the other website is counted as a vote, Google says it and so everyone follows it.

So, we all want to make our website popular. I have listed some of the easy methods to obtain a backlink for our website.

Here we go,

Post Comments : Posting comments on the other blogs post, is one of the easiest way to obtain a backlink for your website. Search for the relevant articles based on the theme of your website, then go ahead and post a comment on it. In this way you get a backlink for your website; isn't it easy..

Participate in Forums : This is another excellent way of obtaining a back link. Start participating in the theme oriented forums, it works.

Craigslist : The Craigslist is another easy way to obtain a linkback to your website.

Yahoo Answers : Go to Yahoo Answers because it's easy to ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers; moreover you can provide links to relevant resources.

Google Groups : Same with Google Groups, ask or answer questions, provide relevant resources.

Wikipedia : Try creating a page in wikipedia, or submit your link to the business specific page.

Squidoo : Create a page in Squidoo. You can link to expert documents along with creating a linkback to your website.

DIGG : The Social Networking Website, provides a way to submit your article, content etc.

RSS FEEDS : If you publish an RSS feed and your content is useful and regularly updated, some people will syndicate your RSS content.

Reviews : Maintain reviews

Other ways includes, running a link buliding process by obtaining reciprocal links for your website.

Article Syndication

Article Syndication : provides another way to obtain a backlink for the website. Syndicate your article at Ezine Articles, Go Articles, etc. These article sites send a highly qualified traffic and the pages in the article sites rank quite high.

Industry News Site : Submit an article to industry news site.

Press Release : Make your press release good, informative and news worthy. Submit it to PRWeb, PRLeap, etc.

In the News : Now this is a bit different stuff. Write about, and link to, companies with "in the news" pages. They link back to stories and blog posts which cover their developments. This is obviously easiest if you have a news section or blog.

Surveys : Perform surveys and studies that make people feel important. If you can make other people feel important they will help do your marketing for you for free.

Directories & Social Bookmarking

Directories are a great way to obtain a backlink, and relevant traffic for your website.

DMOZ : The most important tip which works wonders for your website is submit it in DMOZ.

Free Directories : You can go for other free directory submission also.

Paid Directories : Submit your website to paid directories, but be sure of the quality and traffic of the directory.

Social Bookmarking : Do you do social bookmarking for your website, if not then go for it. Social Bookmarking, provides a very relevant traffic and people find the sites you tag to be interesting, emotionally engaging, or timely they may follow the trail back to your site. Go for tag related sites like Delicious, Technorati, Digg etc. Social bookmarking, a cool way to submit your link, in the social bookmarking websites, like digg, delicious etc. It invites a vast online traffic, with a backlink.

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