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August 31, 2008

Top 10 Dead Link Checker Tools

Dead Link / Broken Link A dead link (also called a broken linking) is a link on the World Wide Web that points to a web page or server that is permanently unavailable.

The most common result of a dead link page is shown by displaying the status code by the server a 404 error, which indicates that the web server responded, but the specific page could not be found. The browser may also return a DNS error indicating that a web server could not be found at that domain name.

1) Broken Link Checker

Just put the address of your website or weblog home page URL in the input box and the spider will read the html code and check for the broken links. The Broken Link Checker splits the links in two categories, internal, from the same host, and external, outgoing link to different domains.

Once started the bot will visit your website, and follows all the links checking their status. It gives a detailed report for all the bad links including the broken links, i.e., 404 links.

2) W3C Link Checker

This is also a cool tool which offers certain options in order for the bot to cross check your website. It can show the summary of broken links, hide redirects for all the linking websites or for directories, check linked documents recursively.

3) Xenu's Link Sleuth

This is a pretty handy stand alone version to check the broker links to your website. The broken links verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets.

It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.

Xenu's Link Sleuth Additional Features:

  • Simple, no-frills user-interface
  • Can re-check broken links
  • Simple report format, can also be e-mailed
  • Executable file smaller than 1MB
  • Supports SSL websites ("https:// ")
  • Partial testing of ftp and gopher sites
  • Detects and reports redirected URLs
  • Site Map

You can download, the desktop version here Xenu's Link Sleuth

4) Net Mechanic Webmaster Tools

This is another tool for checking the brokern links to your website. But the major dis-advantage is it's a paid version and the trial version is too small, which checks only 5 pages of your website.

5) Free Link Checker

Free link checker is the fastest, most comprehensive and most detailed link checking tool for webmasters. The Free Link Checker reports all the dead links, including anchor text and image links.

6) DeepTrawl

DeepTrawl is an application for Windows / Mac OSX which works with a blog, dynamically generated website, websites that are hand-written or created using Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other editor.

DeepTrawl's link checker is an executable programme. A commerical version and comes with a 30 days trial period is available.

7) Electrum Smarter Solutions

This executable version also works with Windows / MAC, and comes with a 30 day trial period.

The Product features, checking links in CSS (missing background images, @import statements etc) and Flash.

It also checks for - server configuration issues like mis-configured mime types - accessibility (WCAG 1.0 and Section 508) - whole site HTML/XHTML validation - browser compatibility issues - Google/Yahoo/MSN search engine guideline violations - and a bunch of other stuff.

8) Link Checker Pro

Link Checker Pro is the leading solution for website analysis and the detection of broken and other problem links.

Features consists of fast operation through the simultaneous checking of multiple links, support for all major protocols (including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP), the ability to create a graphical representation of the website, export of data into a number of different formats, and being fully configurable.

Link Checker Pro comes with the 30-day.

9) Web Link Validator

Can set to scan the entire site or just for those pages within a specified path. This is another executable programme, which comes with a free trial for a specific number of days.

10) Link Checker

The Link Checker test only the regular links, it will not test any links in Flash objects (movies) or javascript links.

It's a free version available.

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