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September 25, 2008

The Blogging Frequency!

The frequency in literal terms shows the number of times that particular thing is repeated, in simple words the amount of time you have done a particular task.

When we talk about Blogs, and Blogging; the frequency of the posts matter a lot. Say for example a person is regular and is posting thrice a month, and on the other hand another person is also regular and is posting 15 times a month. Obviously the first person will have 36 posts at the end of the year, while the other will have 180.

So now you only decide that if a visitor comes to your blog and finds the same information for about a month, where as if another visitor is visiting the later blog and finding it more fresh and more new content, so there are likely the chances for him to visit that blog in near future also.

And thus making the blog a success (other factors taken into consideration like, the quality of the post etc).