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November 27, 2008

Best Search Engine News Websites

There is always a lot happening in Search Engines these days, and as a Search Engine Optimizer it's too beneficial to get in touch with the latest updates of the know-about of the search engines. What other good way you can have other than going through the top search engine news websites.

These search engine websites provide a lot of changes going on in the internet world, and the updates the search engines are going these days. Frankly speaking, needn't to mention again that we talk about our major 3's, i.e., The GOOGLE, The YAHOO and The MSN. They provide a well segregated information in terms of Search Engine - Marketing, Development, Strategies, News, Advertising and Optimization. So here we are,

Best Search Engine News Websites!

1) Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines.

2) Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Guide, is an educational web site aimed at translating the search marketing world into something that small business owners can understand. The site is divided into 4-areas
  • Search Engine News - is posted each day. Additionally, our searchable directory of articles allows you to research any search engine related topic. Articles are categorized and sorted by date, with the newest items appearing first in each category.
  • Search Engine Marketing - can provide an effective method of driving highly targeted visitors to your web site. Our search engine marketing pages provide access to the collective wisdom of all the top search engine marketing experts with regularly updated articles, links to resources, and announcements of new tools and services.
  • Internet Search Engines - are categorized by topic is our searchable directory of general and specialty search engines. Our Internet search engines page also lists resources and tools for exploring the deep web, performing advanced research, and for learning about using search engine tools and technology.
  • Search Engine Books & Services - directory is the place to turn for further information or solutions to your marketing needs. Whether you are looking for a report for further study, need optimization services to improve your web site rank, or need a consultant to help you make critical design decisions, you will find the solutions here.

3) Search Engine Land

Searching Land is devoted to reviews, news and information about searching via the internet and other means. The topics include,
  • Search Engines: Discover more about other search engines in this section of Searching Land, where search engine news is grouped by subject or by specific service.
  • Search Features: Learn about specific features offered by various search engines.
  • Search Resources: Information about searching in general.
  • Toolbars & Add-Ons: More about toolbars, software and other applications that help with searching.

4) Search Engine Showdown

Search Engine Showdown, the users' guide to Web searching, compares and evaluates Internet search engines from the searcher's perspective. Developed originally as a way to keep track of search engine features and search capabilities and to share that information with others, the site has grown to include
  • Search engine features chart
  • Detailed search engine reviews
  • An online newsletter
  • Statistical analysis
  • Search strategies

5) Search Engine Journal
The search engine journal very clearly segregates the search engine information into
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine News
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization

So, don't miss anything from now on if you want to get yourself in touch with the latest trends and technologies in the search engine marketing, featuring the development, advertising, news, marketing and optimization. Go on!