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November 24, 2008

Google HillTop Algorithm

Google Hilltop is quite an old algorithm implemented by Google.

The algorithm was basically used to provide accurate search results for the broader terms, i.e., long search term query. It seemed difficult for search engine to analyze the quality of the search results based only on the on page factors alone.

HillTop algorithm works in the same way as Google's Page Rank Algorithm, the difference being only in measuring the quality of inbound links, i.e., for inbound links quality, EXPERT SOURCES are used.

An EXPERT PAGE is a a web page that consists of a topic based on the search term and has links to many non - affiliated pages on the same topic area.

Example - Open Directory Project (DMOZ) or Yahoo! directory page. Search results are only considered if they have more than one inbound-link from these expert pages and those inbound-links contain anchor text that matches the target page and the query terms. If Hilltop can't find more than one expert page it returns no results. The algorithm is oriented towards quality not quantity of results.

The HillTop algorithm determines the quality of the web page based on the search term, as compared to the Google's Page Rank Algorithm, which gives global rank based on the quality of the web page.

So in order to acquire high rank in HillTop Algorithm, one needs to acquire links from Expert Sites. This can be done by writing articles and then publishing it to websites and submitted to authority sites with a link request.

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