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November 17, 2008

Web Analytics Tools

Web Analytics
is the process of collecting, measuring and analyzing the user activity on the website in order to achieve the organization's business objectives.

Web Analytic Tools
Website Analytic Tools helps the site owner to track the website's statistics, including the visitors behavior towards the website. It also helps the site owner to know the detailed information about the traffic to the website. The Website Analytic Tools helps to know,

  • How many people visited the website?
  • What are the traffic sources?
  • What is the Paid vs Non - Paid Traffic to the website?
  • What is the Geographic location of the visitor?
  • What are the most important pages on the website?
  • What is the visitor doing there? and much more..

The Web Analytics tools provide the answers to all the above questions and to those which are not listed here. The Web Analytics provides a better picture to know more about the visitors and thus in turn helps to understand the pattern of the traffic and the behaviour of the visitor towards the website.

The tracking of data is very important for the successful running of the business. So it becomes very important to select the right tool for your business. Sometimes it becomes very confusing in order to select which tool is the best for your organization. Rather than looking out for the features of the different analytic tools, its always better to know your need first. As that will hepl in properly selecting the best tool to fit your organization.

The following list provides some basic features along with the top analytic tools available in the market. Here we go,


sallreen said...

Google Analytics is probably the most powerful free web-based analytic tool on the market. Sure, it has a few quirks that you probably wouldn't find in a commercial application. But it gives you a lot of control over how you analyze traffic on your web site. It looks like Microsoft is preparing to launch a new web-based tool that will be at least as powerful.

The SEO BLOG said...

Yes Sallreen

I do agree with that, as of now I am using Google Analytics only for my websites. But I have a great expectations about the Microsoft's Web Anaytics Tool, as it has promised to be very user friendly, more attractive and informative too.

Other than that Index Tool is the great tool to get your customized reports. It's as simple as Drag and Drop to include the things what you want to know/see in your report. An excellent customization solution for your reporting.