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December 30, 2008

From 2007 to 2008 - The SEO Blog have moved Ahead

The SEO Blog is all about the search engine optimization, internet marketing, website optimization, and about the latest updates happening in the search engines. The SEO blog closely monitor's the recent updates on the search engine and provides valuable information related to the search engine optimization.

Either it be on page factors for the optimization of the website, or the off page factors, the SEO blog is always at the top of both the techniques by providing the updates and the search engine optimization concepts to it's visitors.

It started with not a specific goal in mind initially, and now has taken a specific path and a goal to provide the valuable information for the users who are new to the search engine optimization and also to those who are experts in SEO.

The SEO Blog is the help for all the webmasters who aim for the optimization of their website along with the higher rankings.

The Journey of the SEO Blog - From May_7th 2007 to Dec_30th 2008

The post is about the growth of the SEO Blog from 7th of May 2007 till today, i.e., the second last day of 2008, the 30th of Dec.


The first thing I wanted to mention here was the visitors to the SEO Blog. As shown from the data from the Google Amalytics, for the SEO Blog, there has been a tremendous growth in the visitors to the Blog.

The SEO Blog has grown from 181 visits in 2007 to 2,692 visits in 2008. The following snap shots for the blog shows it all.

Visitors Overview in 2007

Visitors Overview in 2008

What made the SEO Blog attract visitors?

There are the following factors which can be considered for such a growth in 2008, than in 2007. Here we are,

Informative Posts - The first thing which I can attribute is proper and informative posts in the SEO Blog. As compared to the last year, I have posted a large number of informative posts in this year, i.e., 2008. The informative posts consitutes to the large number of users. It's as simple as this, the more the visitor(s) like the information posted in the post, the more likely it is to return and the more likely it is to inform others about the same.

Unique Posts - The unique posts specifies writing posts about the niche marketing topics which provides more targetted traffic to your blog and further more it provides your blog a good publicity over others in the same category.

Other Posts - A visitor comes to your blog only once, so in that it becomes very important, as to how to retain that visitor and make him come again to the blog. You can provide a way in your post to give the links to the other important posts of your blog. It can be segregated to some related posts as the current post of the blog and to other important posts or the most read posts of your blog. But please take care not to give too many links to the post as it may lead to spam, and moreover the visitor might not be interested to look in too many links given after the posts. So it's always better to provide at least 10 - 15 links of the other posts in your blog. Better place is after you have completed your current post.

Posting Frequency - The posting frequency or the blogging frequency is also an important factor in considering your post for the search engine indexing. Post regularly, twice in a week should be twice in a week, maintain consistency. Search Engine Bots love to crawl the blog's new content, the more consistently you post, the more likely your post will be shown in the search results, but not in the top, as it depends on several other factors. As compared to the last year number of posts in the SEO Blog, I have a large number of posts this year, ie., in 2008 till December.

Taggs - Don't forget to provide tags or labels for your post. It helps to show which keywords are relevant for the posts to the search engine bots. So the next time the users searches using some keywords, then your labels help to say for your post(s).

Links - Getting links is always better to promote your website, and gain exposure in terms of getting traffic to your blog. The SEO Blog is listed in some of the important blog directories.


The following below shows the snap shots for the top traffic sources for the SEO Blog, for the year 2007 and 2008.

Traffic Sources in 2007

Traffic sources in 2008

The top traffic sources for The SEO Blog includes,

Wikipedia Referral
Blogger Referral
Google Organic
Yahoo Organic
Blog Catalog Referral
Yahoo Answers Referral
Blog Carnival Referral, &
Digg Referral

If you observe the above list, it clearly shows the presence of Social Media Sites for the popularity of the websites. Another aspect for the traffic includes the,

Direct Traffic,
Referring Sites ,
Search Engines and
Other Sources

The below analysis shows the traffic obtained from the Search Engines, Referring Sites, or the Direct Traffic

Traffic Segmentation in 2007

Traffic Segmentation in 2008

The statistics clearly how the traffic obtained by the search engines has increased to 14% of the total traffic obtained by the SEO Blog in 2008, from 4% of the total traffic in 2007.

Browser Capabilities

Another thing which I wanted to mention is the browser capabilities for the SEO Blog. The blog is maximum times viewed in the Firefox than in the Internet Explorer. The following shows the picture for the year 2008,

Firefox has covered the major share of the browsers for the SEO Blog.

The SEO Blog Growth - Summary

Here is the brief summary for The SEO Blog's growth till 2008.

The one's highlighted in RED, typically indicates the increase in their respective fields. This is the progress of the SEO Blog since it started. We hope to grow in much better way and a faster way, by providing more and more search engine optimization concepts to the readers.