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December 01, 2008

Google & Yahoo Logo Creator

Logo is a graphical image identifying a company, brand name, product or a group. Here I am not going to write more about logos. It's just that I happened to create a Google like logo for my blog, and searched in Google, and to my delight I found some trendy logo creators,both for Google & Yahoo. So, I thought why not to list here in my blog, as it may interest some of the readers.

More over it's World Aids Day, so I just thought of putting the symbol in my post today, to mention it. As obvious this is not the part of logo creator.

Now back to logos, there are a few which I liked for creating Google Logos

This is the one I like for creating Yahoo Logo, LOGO

Just have a look at them, they are really cool,

This is also a good one I felt, and you can create different sort of logos, using this
Funny Logos

Creating logos is always a creative thing and I feel this is the good service to provide for the same. Enjoy your customized logos.