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March 31, 2009

Google Images A Source for more Traffic

Did you ever thought that images can also contribute to traffic towards your website, and that too well targeted one. Now the question comes into mind is how can images worth of providing traffic to the website.

Here is the answer to that above told. Yes, it's true that images can be a major source to obtain traffic to your website. Many people uses Google Image Search for finding the images of the wide variety of topics. Google Image Search is an online tool to find the images of the specific query entered by the user.

Google Search provides images for the specific search topics when a user searches for it. The highly relevant shows up on the top of the Google search results in the form of images. Getting listed in this prime position can possibly send lot of traffic to your website.

8 Strategies For Optimizing The Images To Get More Traffic Towards Your Website

The entire process lies in the attention and accuracy, while naming the images on the website. Here I have tried to list the maximum possible ways for using images as a source for traffic,

  1. Using Keywords in ALT tags - Make a note of all the important keywords for your business, and use them properly while naming the images.
  2. Use Descriptive ALT tags - Try to be a bit descriptive while naming the alt tags. A descriptive alt tag for images speaks for more other than a non descriptive one.
  3. Description around Image - Put some relevant and descriptive text around your image, it helps to better place your image in the search results for that specific query.
  4. Using Anchor Text in links to images - Using keywords as anchor texts in relating to images is of great significance.
  5. Tagging - Tagging the images is another nice way to optimize your images to rank better and adds value to that image.
  6. Check Robots File - Make sure that you have not blocked the images folder from getting indexed by the search engine spider.
  7. Enable Google Image Search - Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the Diagnostic tab. Select enhanced image search on the left sidebar and click on the checkbox to opt into image search for your website.
  8. Check out for Google Image Labeler - It allows you and others to write tags for images that show up. So you can go ahead and submit your relevant tags.
All the above strategies are trusted and recommended to be used. You can try and see the results yourself. Images are the additional way to provide traffic to the website, so we can go ahead in drawing some traffic to the website by optimizing the images.


Internet Marketing ABC said...

Great post - I just wrote about a similar topic and shared some additional tips for SEO specifically using Google image search, you can check it out here


I think you'll find some interesting tips there.



Sure I will see to your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




Thanks George!

It's nice that you liked the posts. Hope you get glued to it more.