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April 01, 2009

Importance of 3 Way Link Building

3 way link building in layman terms can be said as

"Website A links to Website B, and Website B links to Website C and therefore Website C links to Website A"

Seems somewhat similar like an old concept right ;), yep indeed it is the zeroth law of thermodynamics, which states that

"If object A is in thermal equilibrium with object B, and object B is in thermal equilibrium with object C, then object C is also in thermal equilibrium with object A." - Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

Any ways keeping concepts of Physics aside, and on to the original topic, this is what a pictorial view can be

Importance of 3 Way Link Building Technique

Let us see why we should do 3 way link building, and what benefits it carries, which can give a better picture to understand what actually 3 way is. Here we are,

- The first thing in 3 way link building is that it's not counted as reciprocal link building technique, which is counted of less importance these days by search engines. It's due to the fact that website A (for example) is linking to website B, and website B (say for example) to website C, then a link is established from website C to website A. This is a pure form of one way link building, which is considered as a very important factor for the ranking by the major search engines.

- The second important thing, Google will not penalize you for using this method, as long as all the sites are somewhat related.

In the end, 3 websites have links to each other, and yet none of them are reciprocal, or 2 way which search engine spiders don't prefer.

3 Way Link Building Strategies

This illustrates how to go for a 3 way approach,
  • Before starting your 3 way campaign you should check the relevancy of the websites.
  • Add the link to the other website based on the relevancy and then ask them to add yours.
  • Provide the information for your link with the exact HTML code and how it should appear on their web page.
  • Remember to place the target keywords as anchor texts in your link.
  • Once your link is live, check website and make sure that your link is in accordance as required.
  • Check for the backlinks of the competitors in Google and Yahoo. Place a request for the websites who are linking to them.
  • You can also purchase links from relevant websites. This works trust me.
  • Use Natural link building techniques to promote your website.


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