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August 19, 2009

13 Top Travel Social Networking Websites

Everyone loves traveling. In fact this is the next best thing to blogging. How about sharing some of your experiences with others sharing your views sharing about the lovely places you had been visiting in your trip sharing may be some of your disliked opinions.

Don't know where to do that then this is the list for you which includes the top travel social networking websites. Here we go

1) Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor is travel social networking websites featuring real advice from real travelers comments & opinions. TripAdvisor Media Network also provides travel suppliers with graphical advertising opportunities and a cost-per-click marketing platform.

2) Trip Wolf
tripwolf combines travel tips from professional travel writers with a vast collection of travel information experiences and reviews from a worldwide community of thousands of travelers like you. Browse through more than 400000 locations city guides personal recommendations and travel blogs using the tripwolf travel map. Ask our trip gurus for very specific travel advice to find your favorite spots in any city. Then create download and print your free PDF travel guide. Plus: Import your friends through facebook and share your travel pictures.

3) Real Travel
Real Travel is the best place for people to plan and share valuable travel experiences. Real Travel seek suggestions from experts and travelers who have been there for itineraries accommodations dining and things to do. You want to find the places and deals that provide you with value.

4) Trav Buddy
TravBuddy is a social website to find travel buddies record travel experiences in travel blogs or share travel tips with travel reviews.

5) Boots N All
Bootsnall shares to cultivate an organic community that encourages independent travel. It does this through thousands of travel stories & travel blogs written by travellers travel guides to destinations all over the world a membership of passionate travellers and the ability to book all of your travel needs - air tickets hostels RTW tickets adventure trips and more - from one website.

6) Dopplr
Dopplr is a social networking website for smart travellers. Dopplr members share personal and business travel plans privately with their networks and exchange tips on places to stay eat and explore in cities around the world. Dopplr presents this collective intelligence - the travel patterns tips and advice of the world%E2%80%99s most frequent travellers - as a Social Atlas. You can use Dopplr on a personal computer and a mobile phone.

7) Gusto

Gusto is a leading community of travel enthusiasts who are researching planning saving and sharing travel information. Gusto and its members offer thousands of opinions on thousands of destinations across the globe. You can view member reviews photos favorite Web sites and blog posts. Gusto also works with its Travel Partners to bring you the very best information prices and options on world wide travel deals.

8) Wayn

WAYN is travel and lifestyle social networking community website in the UK. WAYN helps you to keep track of all your contacts from around the world and make new friends based on where you are now where you have been and where you are going.

9) Traveller Spoint
Travellerspoint is about the same things it has always been about: people and the experiences memories emotions and feelings which are created whilst travelling.

10) Exploroo
Exploroo is a one-stop social networking community which provides everthing what can be considered into social media either it be traveling and exploring or meeting friends and sharing experiences or connecting users to post blogs articles videos and events book hotels or tours getting travel advice or simply submitting your favorite.

11) Gawwk

Gawwk is a travel social networking website which offers the travellers to Share travel tips and photos Review and rate hotels Connect with like minded travelers

12) TripSay
TripSay is a travel social networking website which provides members to share trips and connect with traveling friends to exchange insider tips. Tripsay offers a connected and personalized social community for travellers to document and discover memorable trips and experiences earn "travel fame" share secrets with fellow enthusiasts and also actively seek out the next adventure. Travelers share and discover only the information that matters to them with the help of like-minded enthusiasts.TripSay delivers quality over quantity and uses a unique recommendation engine to proactively match destinations places sights content and activities for you leveraging your network of friends as well as those with similar tastes.

13) Driftr
Driftr is a travel social networking website which offers user-generated content site for travelers by travelers. Drift is the place to keep track of your travels and share your trip photos reviews and blogs with friends and family as well as research destinations before you book a trip. The Driftr experience is driven by a proprietary map that lets you highlight and track the places you%27ve been and intuitively search for community-driven content relating to the places you%27d like to go.

Some Other Travel Social Networking Websites

World66 is an open content travel guide where people from all over the planet can write about the places they love the hotels they stayed in the restaurants that have eaten. Every part of the travel guide can be edited directly. You can change the info you find do a write up add a complete city or just a bar or a restaurant.

TripConnect is an online service that allows people to get travel advice from people they know, others who share similar interests, and also from established and relevant information sources.

Boo is a new type of travel site that puts everything you need in one place. All boo's reviews are written by people like you, boo users who share your interest. It's "collective wisdom" by boo!

Hope you enjoy reading the post. Please don't hesitate me to tell about your own travel experience and your favourite travel social networking website.


Travel Guide said...

Right on time, this is what i've been looking for.

Thanks a bunch for the social networking site list.

I owe you.

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Nate Long said...

Great job compiling this list of travel social networking sites. I have never been to Gusto; I'll have to check it out. Another up-and-coming travel social network site is Go-Lo.net. I joined it about a month ago when I received an invitation from the creator of the site -- lots of great potential!

Travel said...

I have been reading your blog for about a year now and enjoy it very much. There’s always something interesting to read or to learn, and the photographs are lovely!


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Katie said...

Thanks for the wonderful Information. I have been using much of them and got more on my list.
There has been a tough competition as Travel industry is a vast and highly volatile industry; especially for the Cheap Flights websites getting a lot of visitors daily...
Thanks a lot for the list!


Thanks Katie.
Hope you find a lot of other useful information here also.

Free Sunrise said...

Grate one, very useful, because I try to find tips for my next trip

Tushar said...

Thanks for the list my friend....

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Dia said...

Thats a good collection, One travel networking site that I like is http://traveldaddy.com .. seems easy and looks like people are joining in everyday!

also m highly amused by the name .. BOO :D

seo said...

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World Cruise said...

This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!sp

Car Hire said...

TUSHAR PANT, thank you for this work! I even bookmarked the page!

Mani said...

Thanks for the wonderful Information. These days, practically everybody knows about - and uses - online social networks. From Facebook and Twitter to dozens of other specialist sites; social networking has exploded in popularity.

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concept said...

There are several travel-related social networking websites out there today where you can make your travel plans while communicating and socialising with others. Depending on the site - and on how involved you are in it - you can easily forge new friendships along the way.
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Anonymous said...

You forgot www.TrekCafe.com

Worldly said...

We need more social networks like facebook for travelers. Like http://www.worldlypeople.com but for travelers.

darwinw said...

I would nominate TripNTale (http://www.tripntale.com) as one of the best site to showcase and share where you have traveled.

paul smith said...

thank you for this work....
great job....!

Eamonn said...

Social networkin I think facebook wins hands down

Turkey Tours said...

Excellent article and a great resource. As a specialist tour operator myself, it's always useful to come across such a great synopsis. Keep up the good work!

Swiss car Hire said...

Thanks , I love these sites , i write content for the travel industry so will get a few leads thank you

social networking websites said...

Exactly what I was looking for, Wayn is my favorite site. Anyway I have to check other sites too.

Travel Social Network said...

TripColony http://www.tripcolony.com should be added to this list. TripColony is a new travel social networking website which is translatable into multiple languages. Users can connect with others who share their interests.

Jessica Lopez said...

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FaceBook is great my wife spends all day on it ( not so great )

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Will work theu thanks for the list

India Tour said...

Great information shared here. It will be very useful for all those who are trying to get useful info on various travel agents.

Jeff said...

Tripnchat.com is one one the best travel social network site, i recommend tripnchat to everyone.

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