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August 08, 2009

13 Ways to Optimize Twitter Profile

Twitter is the darling website in the Social Media Business. The most popular, adorable and simple of all the social media sites. All you need to do is just sign in, choose url and put few lines describing about yourself or your website which will be displayed when someone searches for your profile (and or website).

But do you know that you can optimize your twitter profile and make it stand distinct among several other profiles? Yes, and that is true. You have the priviledge of making your twitter profile unique and popular. The below mentioned points mention the ways to optimize your twitter profile (personal or business).

13 Ways to Optimize Twitter Profile

  1. Twitter URL - This is the very important step while optimizing the twitter profile. Choose the URL specific to your name if its your personal profile, or-else choose the name of the business for which you had created the profile. This makes your profile valuable.

  2. Twitter Name - Choosing what to mention in the twitter name is important, as the name acts like a title of the page for a website which is being displayed first in the search results. Opt for your name if it's a personal twitter account otherwise choose the name of the business.

  3. Twitter Bio - Writing a proper information about your own self or the business, gives a clearer picture of whose profile it is or which business it is representing. It gives a proper idea for the user who or what is he/she looking into.

    Other than providing information about yourself, the bio acts an important component in the search results. It acts like the description of the website which is being displayed in the search results, when the specific term is searched. But in this case it provides the bio of the twitter profile. So be very specific and careful to mention the information as per yourself in the bio section of the twitter profile. Please don't leave it blank.

  4. Picture/Business Logo - Placing a personal picture or the logo of the business provides a more personnal touch and acts like an add-on for your profile. It is really a good idea rather than using some other pictures.

  5. Customize the Background - Twitter has provided an option for customizing the user background. I feel this is another opportunity and a step to optimize the twitter profile. If you notice there is a lot of empty space on both the sides of the twitter profile page. You can customize the background for the profile page by providing more information about your own self or the business, like providing the contact email, blah, blah, blah. There are a lot of websites providing cool customizing backgrounds for free. You can go ahead and download one for yourself.

  6. Give exact URL for Business - Provide an exact URL for your personal profile (if you don't have a website or a blog then you may provide your twitter URL) or the business you are promoting. This helps the visitor to have a better understanding about the theme for your profile. In fact the Twitter URL, Description/Bio and the Web URL goes in accordance with each other and infact compliments one another, along with the location and the Name.

  7. Twitter Directories - Add your profile to some of the important twitter directories like WeFollow, Loaded Web etc. This is another step to make your self widely available and popular.

  8. Build a Network of Followers - Twitter asks a simple question "What are you doing?" and you just need to update it in 140 characters. In order to let others know what are you really unto, you need to have a list of people who can read your updates, i.e., in twitter language it is called as FOLLOWERS. The more the followers, the more the number of people you can convey your message to. But in order to achieve that you need to start following people who interests you or are of the same niche as you are in. There is the much likely probability that they will start following you in return and hence you can build your presence. Once, you are popular than you can follow those who follow you.

  9. Favorites - Once you start providing the answer to what are you doing, you can choose some of your important statuses by mentioning them as FAVORITES (you may choose others messages also). Your favorites will be saved in this category. You and your followers, including the people visiting your profile might find it interesting and informative, and may start following you.

  10. Direct Messages - Be careful and at the same time focus on your marketing skills to provide a proper information about your business, persuade the recipients to visit your website, and thank them for following you.

  11. Trending Topics - These are currently the most talked about topics on twitter. Try to take part in those by replying to them if you feel you know what is the topic about. It gives the chance that the other twittes may like your comment and start following you.

  12. Be a Good Participant - Don't just mention about what you are and your business is all about. Be an active member in the community by reading others messages, replying to their tweets, sending them messages etc.

  13. Status Message - There is one very basic and important thing to be kept in mind while optimizing your twitter profile. You should always make it a point to sign off from your twitter account by posting some descriptive information for your profile, as the latest post is shown as the first post for the respective profile. This adds and provides beneficial to the visitor of what exactly the profile is all about. I recommend this as one of the important steps for twitter profile optimization.

There is only one thing when you don't need to optimize your twitter profile. Guess when! Either you are Oprah or Britney.


Raghav said...

Great post.. I was looking for some thing like these tips to rank my twitter profile.. Thanks Tushar


You are most welcome. Happy Reading.

Manickam said...

Nice stuff. thanks a lot.

Nick Shin said...

Thanks for commenting on my "How to Optimize Your Twitter Page" post. I liked how you expanded and went beyond what I mentioned in my post. You hit a lot of good points. Great post!


Thanks a lot nick for your comments. Hope you will find more interesting articles here.

Sarasota SEO said...

Nice post! I just happened to have a similar idea, great minds think alike :) optimize your Twitter profile

Kelvin said...

Thanks for your comment on my post Twitter Page SEO 5 Tips To optimize Your Twitter Page

Social Networking tools should always be about Socializing instead of just toying it's mechanism to get traffic. Great post taking the this topic to the next level :)