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August 10, 2009

Google's New Search Engine Index Caffeine

Google on Aug 10th 2009, unveiled it's secret project for next generation architecture for Google Search Results - Google Caffeine.

To become a great web search engine, it needs to
  • Able to Crawl a large chunk of the web.
  • Index the resulting pages and compute how reputable those pages are.
  • Rank and return the most relevant pages for users' queries as quickly as possible.
And it seems that Google's New Search Results would be able to focus on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.

This is being named as Google Caffeine. It's still in the developing phase, and Google is asking for the feedback from it's users. Please try your search Google Sandbox and feel the difference.

To check the Google Caffeine's result I tried some tests for my name, and found the following results/differences between Google Main and Google Caffeine,

1) Speed
The first thing what Google Caffeine talks about is speed, and indeed it's nearly twice as fast as the Google's main search index. The below is the search results for my name, and I found it quite interesting to notice the speed in the search results.

Google Search Results For My Name - Tushar Pant

Google Caffeine Results For My Name - Tushar Pant

2) Indexing & Indexed Results
I know I am not so much popular, but still I was able to find the difference in the indexed pages in Google's old and Google's New version, i.e., Caffeine. I found the resulting pages more reputable and appropriate to the search term. The images shows the difference in the indexed pages in Google different versions.

3) Relevancy
The Google's Caffeine results seems to be more relevant (for the first 10 results) than the Google's main search index. There are the result(s) as highlighted in the image which are coming up in Google's main search result index but not in Google Caffeine (of course they are not related to me). The below image is for the irrelevant result in Google main search results.

Let's see how far in near future, Google's Caffeine will lead to the speed, accuracy and comprehensive of search results.

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Raghav Suryadevara said...

Creative..The way you explained is good..

Keep it going Tushar.. Like your posts


Thanks Raghav.

Happy Reading!