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October 29, 2009

Twitter enrolls a new feature by grouping the users into user generated lists

You might have noticed a little update on your twitter profile. Yes, I am talking about 'Lists'.

Your profile page is refelecting the following lists option,
Listed - the first one, wherein it displays the people who have listed you in their lists, and
Lists - where you have the option to create lists and group the people you follow.

Now you have the option to organise the people you follow on Twitter, via your 'Lists'. You can create lists as per your requirement or interest, and can start grouping the people you follow. You can further make your list as 'Private' or 'Public'.

Twitter has recently added this feature all with the aim of discovering new and interesting accounts and segregating them from your huge list of the people you follow.

The image below displays the lists page,

Eventhough the update is small, but it is quite useful and interesting.