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November 27, 2009

Google Launched Site Hierarchies in Search Results

Last week Google launched a new functionality for the web search result by providing a deeper access to the precise location of the page on the website.

The normal trend for the web search result page was a Title, Description and the display URL (which normally speaks about the destination page). Now Google has provided more detailed access to some of the web search results, where it will also display the navigation hierarchy for the destination web page.

The new display URL (which you can see green in color), now provides more valuable context and new navigation options.

The image below shows the Google web search result for "chicken fry", which shows the host (main website) and hierarchy (which shows the other related navigational sections on the website)

Image 1 Site Hierarchy

The new site hierarchy feature is really a nice option for the users to navigate/search for the particular information in a easy and a fast way.

The display URL is offering not only the host domain, but also with the other navigational URLs which are most relevant to the search query on the page, in this way you can reach the information which you are looking for.

This is what Google is best in doing, providing the relevant information from among the billion results as quickly as possible.