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September 14, 2008

The Big G

Google, the BIG - G
The major player in the internet marketing business. Google has changed the picture the web looks. It has enhanced the features and modified the web to match the user queries. As of today Google is the King.

Every body just loves to Googles. GOOGLING and GOOGLING is every where. I have listed some of the most popular services Google features, and they are listed as under:


Google's Webmaster Tools, the heart of the website's optimization. The Webmaster tools are the major source of information about the performance of your website in GOOGLE Search Engine, and to know the website's performance in Google. Not only this, know how

  • Google crawls and indexes your website,
  • Know the specific problems the Google Bot encountered while crawling your website,
  • Analyze and Classify the traffic, by keeping the track of the internal and external links to your site,
  • Inform Google, more about the structure and the important pages of your site, by submitting the Sitemap.

Make your website GOOGLE Friendly, by following Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Google's Webmaster Central Blog.

The major other Google Services are listed as under:

Google Directory - The web organized into categories by topics.

Google Translator - Translate a web page.

Google Reader - Get all your blogs and news feeds fast.

Google Groups - Create mailing lists and discussion groups.

Orkut - Meet new people and stay in touch with families.

Picassa - Find, edit and share your photos.

Google Alerts - are the email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic.