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September 07, 2008

Page Rank Checker Tools

PAGE RANK is the method, that Google assigns to a web page not only on the number of links pointing to a website, but the quality of websites providing links, including few other factors. Page rank gives a unique ranking to every page on the internet.

The post depicts Page Rank Checking Tools.

Page Rank Look Up
From the website - Google Page Rank is a general representation of a website's popularity; it is primarily based on link popularity. Websites with a high Page Rank value will tend to have more traffic and higher positions in search engines (although many other factors are also taken into consideration).

Remarks - The tool is good and provides accurate information about the website. But it's a bit cumbersome to provide the numerals in the box before getting to know about the page rank. The tool does provide the method to check at the max, of 100 URL's at the same time, but not above 100.

Free Page Rank Checking Tool
From the website - Page Rank is a grade that Google applies to websites based on certain algorithms.

With our Page Rank checker tool, you'll not only get the Page Rank, but also the current results of DMOZ & Yahoo! indexes plus the age of the domain and the number of Yahoo! Back links.

Remarks - This is a good tool and provides simultaneously, the other information related to the website like; DMOZ listing, Yahoo Directory Listing, Yahoo Back links and Domain Age, including the page rank.

Even they provide other information's including the PR, but I didn't found the Yahoo Back links tool more accurate.

That's another great tool for finding the page rank of the website. The tool provides the bulk page ranks of several url's, but the number of url's is restricted to 20 only.