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October 02, 2008

SEO Basic Concepts

Optimization concepts, are the concepts which should be taken into consideration while optimizing your website in order to make it search engine friendly. The following points are worth noticing in a website.

Starting off with the meta tags (remember that meta tags are the most important tags, telling the search engine spiders the theme of your page, so it's important to have proper meta tags in your source code)

Title Tags - Title tags are the tags which represents the title of the web page. An accurate title makes it clear for the visitor about the web page and tells/gives the appropriate information of the web page. But title tags should not be too long. The standard limit for the title tags is 7 to 12 words or 75 to 87 characters. The optimum Keyword Density for the title tag is about 9 to 20%.

Meta Description - This tag is another very tag after the title tag. The Meta Description tells the visiting spider about the theme of the page, and helps in providing the relevant information to the user if he is searching to the related information to your website. The standard limit for the meta description should br nearly 15 to 20 words, or 150 characters. It should be noted that lot of keyword stuffing in the description tag may lead to or considered as SPAM. So it should be avoided, generally speaking the keyword should be repeated no tmore than thrice in the tag. The optimum Keyword Density for the description tag is about 5 to 10%.

Meta Keywords - The meta keyword tag is also considered as an important tag, in the search engine consideration of the website. The standard limit for the tag is nearly 50 to 70 words or 285 - 510 characters.

Now the second thing to be considered as the most important as SEO point of view is SITEMAPS. Spiders love sitemaps, so why not to create one for your own website, and tell the important pages for your website to be crawled and indexed.