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March 01, 2009

Twitter Tweets!

As of now many of you would be aware of Twitter, for those who are less aware of it, Twitter is one of the huge successful Social Media Website, which has a very simple phenomenon. The Twitter ask its users to update their current tasks by asking -

"What are you doing?"

and the answers must be under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web. By accepting messages from sms, web, mobile web, instant message, or from third party API projects, Twitter makes it easy for folks to stay connected.

Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. Twitter is a way to stay connected with your friends, co-workers, colleagues, moreover the users can receive the updates of their friends without getting involved into it.

The users are very much in control of whose updates they receive, when they receive them, and on what device.

"Twitter is what you make of it--receive a lot of information about your friends, or just a tiny bit. It's up to them." - Twitter's Website.

Twitter & Important Twitter related services

These days businesses are using twitter power to pre - announce new products, get feedback, take reviews, share upcoming deals or for tracking buzz around their products and services. If you own a business or services, then here is the list of products or services which you should take care of, and the best part of these services are they are totally free:

1) TwitterFeed

is a service which provides a way to post your blog's content directly to Twitter, Identi.ca, Custom Laconica Installations, and via HelloTxt or Ping.fm, simultaneously to the many platforms supported by these services. TwitterFeed is not affiliated to Twitter.Com.

2) TwitterReply

uses your Twitter account credentials and provide you with the unique email address, something like, tushar @ twittermail.com and when the user sends an email to that address it gets posted to Twitter.ComTwitterReply sends you an instant email, for the new tweet in your twitter account.

3) Polldaddy

This is an extremely helpful service to check and take reviews about the new products and services for pre-launch. Polldaddy lets you use Twitter to generate polls and get reviews for your services/products.

4) TwitResponse

is a service which allows the user to publish the tweets in a specified time period. It is just like saving the information now that has to be published automatically in future.

Twitter + AutoResponder = TwitResponse!

5) TweetScan

is like searching for tweets in the twitter universe. Tweet Scan provides a great way to monitor the feedback about your products. Tweet Scan also lists the customers who are on twitter, the name of the competing products. There are the fllowing benefits of using Twitter Scan,
  • Get updates via email, rss, or use our Click button
  • Use it to find lost or multi-user replies.
  • Scan up to five phrases for daily or weekly delivery
  • No ads(in emails) or spam.
  • Turn it off at any time.
It's like Googling of Tweets.

6) TwitterCounter

lets you find the number of followers you have. You can compare it with other users and also place a dynamic image to be posted on your blog.

7) TweetLater

as the name suggests allows you to save your tweets to be posted at a later stage. Other than posting tweets you can also schedule new tweets to be posted at certain times, autofollow new followers, send customized responses and much more. Tweet Later will also let you automatically follow anyone who follows you and you can even automatically send a welcome message to your new followers.

8) TweetBeep

is just like Google Alerts for Twitter. Keep a track of keywords and receive reports.

9) Qwitter

keeps track of people who unfollow and provides a daily digest with the list of "unfollowers".

10) TweetStats

as the name suggests, is a hub for Twitter analysis. Twitter stats lists all the activities done by the user like a graph of your tweets per hour or per month etc.

11) TwitterGrader

is another popular tool for twitter users. Twitter grader gives you a percentile score based on the number of your followers, the power of your network, the frequency of your updates and the completeness of your profile.