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April 04, 2009

How to Optimize for Singular and Plural Keywords

When it comes to optimizing the webpage for a singular and a plural keyword, it becomes difficult to do the same. There are techniques which can be applied to achieve the desired optimization of the page, like creating two pages, one for a singular keyword and other for the plural one.

But at times it's not possible always to create the pages, and then optimize them accordingly. Moreover those pages will be nearly same and will make less sense to the users. Say for example,

Keyword 1 - [SEO Advantage]
Keyword 2 - [SEO Advantages]

So creating two pages wont make much difference to the users, and on the other hand will be carrying much of the same information.

Title tag using both the keywords -

SEO Advantage, Top SEO Advantages

but it looks rather spammy and may not yeild desired results.

So here is the problem, but the titles of the webpage can be optimized. Here's the trick;
  • Use both the keywords in such a manner so that the TITLE should make some sense to the users,
  • The Title tag should not look like keyword stuffed
The alternative to the above situation is,

Title - SEO Advantage: Get higher rank with SEO Advantages

So that's the solution for optimizing the title for the singular and pulral keywords for a webpage. Just the focus for it should be putting some extra words and framing out a sentence, which will be more apt.