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May 30, 2009

Link Bait

There are many ways for link building, to name a few
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Syndication
  • Forum Posting
  • Classifieds etc
All of these techniques are a great way to obtain one way link to your website. Just think of the situation where you don't have to do manual link building for your website, rather it becomes automatic in a way that the visitors are linking to your article or content into their website, or saving the bookmarks in delicious or posting in Digg etc. This idea of gaining links in a natural way is called as Link Baiting.

Link Baiting is the art of naturally attracting visitors and making them talk about your content. This naturally attracts lot of visitors as well as backlinks. Link Baiting is a any content or a feature on a website which somehow baits visitors to place link to it from other websites.

Link Baiting is an important form of Viral Marketing. In other words, Link Baiting is anything interesting to catch people's attention - Matt Cutt.

Techniques of Link Baiting
To bait a link you need hooks, and hooks can be classified as one of the following,
  • Resource Hook
  • News Hook
  • Contrary Hook
  • Attack Hook &
  • Humour Hook
  • Tool/Widget Hook
Resource Hook
Provide information that may be useful to the visitor. A list of comprehensive blogs in your niche, some rare tips etc through which visitors can benefit.

News Hook
Provide a story or some fresh information. You really have to know your subject to do that.

Contrary Hook
Provide the information for something to like about a story/product or not like about a story.

Attack Hook
Try to pin-point about some story in a negative way, but be careful and mention completely the list of things which owe you towards that response.

Humour Hook
Tell a funny story or a joke, or share pictures or videos about your subject.

Tool/Widget Hook
Creating a tool or a widget which can be placed with a link included is also a nice way to hook to your website.

Link Baiting & Search Engine Optimization

To rank a website there are basically two important rules out of the many others, and they are the Quality & Quantity of the inbound links. Link Baiting falls under the category of link building and aims on increasing the high quality & relevant links to the website. Link Baiting allows the bloggers & social media users to promote the article, which in turns generates substantial amount of traffic for the single web page.