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June 03, 2009

Page Rank Sculpting

Many great articles are already been written in this context, but I just want to share my views about this concept of Page Rank Sculpting.

What is Page Rank Sculpting?
PageRank Sculpting in simple terms is the way to parse the link juice to the other pages of the website. As in 2007, when PageRank Sculpting became popular, Google laid down the guidelines as to how to save the page rank for the inner / deeper pages of the website, and how to use it effectively for the website.

To go in details, say for example if your website has 5 - pages, and the page rank for your website is X, then the parsing of the page rank for the inner pages will be X/5, i.e., please see the below figure for more detail.

The Image Showing the Old & the New PageRank Sculpting Algorithm

1) Google's Old Algo.

2) Google's New Algo

How to use Page Rank Sculpting?
In order to save the Page Rank so that the important pages on the website could get more share of it, search engines devised Rel=nofollow attribute which can be inserted in the HTML of any link and can hence stop the spider from crawling that link. So, as such it gave webmasters the ability to modify PageRank flow at the link-level granularity.

In a website there are pages link "Privacy Policy", "SignUp", "Register", "My Store" etc are some of the few pages which does not require the share of the link juice and hence page rank can be saved for the other important pages of the website.


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