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September 03, 2009

Digg Adds NoFollow Links

Digg is one of the best social networking website where you can discover and share content from anywhere on the web. Digg utilizes its own algorithm to display the best stuff as voted by the users. You can share videos, images & news. Based on the voting which is being given by the users the story is promoted to the front page. Furthermore, there is another option to share it on other social networking websites.

They (Digg) take care of the following things while the submissions are made,

(a) Submit things you think a lot of other people might be interested in.
(b) Link to the original source, not a site that's simply copying others' work.
(c) Don't submit content with spam, pornography, profanity or material that otherwise violates our Terms of Use.

Digg has recently made a few changes to the way Digg links to external sites

"These changes reduce the incentive to post spammy content (or link spam) to Digg, while still flowing ’search engine juice’ freely to quality content blog" - Digg the Blog

Digg have added rel=”nofollow” to any external link that they’re not sure they can vouch for. This includes all external links from comments, user profiles and story pages below a certain threshold of popularity.

The image shows the nofollow links marked in red for the upcoming section for Technology section.


I think this is pretty cool, as Digg isn’t adding nofollow to everything. Nofollow is only for the links about which Digg is not sure. Once a story looks real to them, they do remove the nofollow link. As such it would not be easy for the spammers to get the link juice for their websites.


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