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October 18, 2009

Keyword Tag Not Required In Search Results for the major Search Engines

The search engines focuses on a lot of factors for rankings, but off late they started ignoring themeta keyword tag which was initially considered to be an important ingredient for the 'Ranking Recipe'. The search engines, particularly the major ones, i.e., Google & Yahoo recently announced that they don't focus on the keywords meta tag for listing a website in their search results.

The search engine major, Google revealed that it does not uses keywords while searching for results in web search. The useful links section in the post tries to some of the general FAQs related to Google's approach to keyword meta tag.

Yahoo was the only search engine which was focusing on the meta keyword tag for web search results, but off late it (Yahoo) announced that there is no significance for keywords meta tag in Yahoo web search results.

As unlike Google and Yahoo, Bing search engine also laid off emphasis on the keyword meta data for web search. But Bing, completely does not ignores the keyword meta tag, it uses it in some part of the web search.

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