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October 17, 2009

Now All New Yahoo Search

Yahoo in it's recent development to the web search, provided the new 'Unified Search' concept. The new Yahoo! Search is more customized and designed to easily find and explore things as per your needs and interests.

Along with providing a new page for search results, Yahoo has also offered

  • a new Yahoo! homepage
  • an improved Yahoo! mail, and
  • high-quality video calling in Yahoo! messenger

All this is developed with the sole aim of a good user experience, accessing the data quickly and providing the more accurate results.

Yahoo! also revamped the image search & video search results pages, which now provides a more enhanced search results for the query, by providing the related people, movies & TV shows in their appropriate categories.

The new Yahoo! promises to provide improved total page load time, improved perceived load time, inline data uri images in all the web search results.

Reference Link - Welcome to the New Yahoo! Search