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November 17, 2009

Google Image Swirl With Exploratory Interface

Google has added another feather to it's Image search results, by adding a functionality to cluster the similar images into representative groups with exploratory interface.


I did a search on Image Swirl for [statue of liberty], wherein I got 12 image thumbnail as shown below

Image - 1 Google Image Swirl for Statue of Liberty

You can find the group of images you are interested, and then you can click on the thumbnail and and a cluster of images will "swirl" into view. The below image shows the same

Image - 2 Cluster of Image Swirl into view

You can go ahead and further get into sub groups and sub-sub groups within any cluster. The sturcture is similar with the Google search - Wonder Wheel. It's still an experimental feature which is currently available in Google Labs. Not satisfied with the result or you were looking for something specific, Google is always ready to accept the feedback.

Go ahead and explore the features.