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November 04, 2009

A more personalized Google Friend Connect - Know more! Share more! & Discuss More!

Google is daily enrolling one feature or the another to it's huge database of web products. This is the time for being social and as such Google has provided a lot of new features to 'Friend Connect' which make it possible for the users to know their friends, encourage them to know their friends, & match their site content to their visitors' interests.

Now the visitors can share details about themselves to other visitors (that are on the site) they are visiting on your site. There is a new "Interests" section of your Friend Connect account, where you can add the relevant questions pertaining to your site, which people can answer while joining your website .

Now people can also send private messages, export data, and share it with other visitors. There is a new section called "Community Data" where the interests people share on your website are made available in the form of charts.

The personalized experience is not only connected to visitors, you are also involved in it in many ways. You can make a better personalized experience for your visitors by

  • sending Custom Newsletters
  • providing a dynamic Personalized content gadget (an automatic one) which offers your website's content based on the visitors interests.
  • offering similar Google Ads (which is indeed automatic) matching the visitors interests as well as the theme of the website

Are you using Google's social networking tool - Google Friend Connect?

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Google Friend Connect, now more personalized