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December 05, 2009

Another 15+ Ways To Promote Your Blogger Blog

After the huge success of my previous post, 10 ways to promote your blog, I am providing another widely used techniques for the blog promotion. Here we go,

15+ Ways To Promote Your Blogger Blog

  1. List your Blog in Google Blogger's Listing - Add your blog to Googles blogger listing, as it shows the recent blog entries and acts as a nice way to opt in for traffic.

  2. Feature your Blog Updates with Site Feeds - You should make sure to turn on the site feeds for your blog. This acts as a beneficial way for the visitors of your blog to subscribe them to the blog feeds. The more the subscribers the more the probability of they (subscribers) reading the blog post and hence more traffic for your blog.

  3. Use Pings - Pings acts as a very useful way to promote your blog to the recently updated lists on the web, with other blog related services on the web. You can activate the ping setting of your blogger blog by clicking here.

  4. Install an Email/Social Bookmarking Buttons - Installing Email or social networking button will enable the visitors to share your blog post or email it to their network resulting in additional traffic for your blog.

  5. Activate Navigation Bar - Activating the navigation bar helps the visitors to get access to the next Navbar enabled blog.

  6. Turn on Post Pages - By turning on this feature in the blogger blog, you can publish every post at its very own web page, which in turn attaract search engines and make your posts more linkable.

  7. Write Quality Content - As we all say, without a proper foundation there is no strength in the building and the same applies true to the blogs content. Try and write unique and informative content in your niche. Try to focus on the stuff which others have not published or there is very little information for the same online. Be very careful about the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes etc.

  8. Be Focused on your niche - This is important as you just cannot be sure to be an expert in every field (unless you are a superman, just kidding), so try to write on the focused theme, and as such you may find a lot of returning visitors.

  9. Be Consistent - The only funda with the blog to get more traffic is be highly consistent in publishing the blog post. The more you blog the more traffic you gets. Search engines love the regularly updated blogs and tries to show their content when a user searches for the same.

  10. Make Your Post Search Engine Friendly - You can achieve a lot of traffic by simply following the below mentioned points,
    1. Create informative post titles
    2. Use post page archiving (which gives an automatic name to your post based on the title)
    3. Try to be descriptive in what you write.

  11. Keep your posts small - Keeping posts small has a very simple aspect for your content to be read and appreciated. Small posts allows visitors to pop in, read up easily. You can always focus on the new information into the blogosphere and mention the same in your posts.

  12. Make use of Blog URL in Email Signature - This is such an important and extremely simple technique, which provides an additional amount of traffic to your blog. All you need is put a link to your blog in your email signature.

  13. Submit your Blog to Blog Search Sites and Directories - Getting a one way link from blog directories is always beneficial, and another way is to submit it to blog search engines, where thousands and thousands of visitors search for the relevant information. It good to get found there and attract the visitor to your blog. You would definitely like to try some top blog search engines, like Technorati, Blogdex, PopDay etc.

  14. Link to Other Blogs - Linking is another technique to promote your blog content.

  15. Make use of Blogroll - Basically blogroll speaks about the blogs you follow or kind of recommend. Blogroll is not exaclty same like simple blog linking, its like an effective social networking scheme.

  16. Commenting - Focus your niche, Google the latest updates online for your niche, and try to comment. Commenting is the best to to drive huge traffic for your blog. But, be sure not to spam the others post by just saying - 'Hi' or 'Thank You', be descriptive.

  17. Enable Following on Your Blog - Following provides a great way to keep your friends updated on the latest activity on your blog, and hence in turn will prompt them to follow your blog.

No matter what URL you choose for promoting your blog, all you need is consistency and informative titles. So all the best and keep going. Feel free to add your own points.


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