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November 28, 2009

10 Ways to Promote Your Blog

There is always a competition to be ahead and be on the top. Other than writing the useful and informative content, there are other things which should be considered for the promotion of blog, and they are listed as follows

10 ways to promote your blog

The first and the foremost thing which comes into play for blog promotion is getting one way links for your website and to do that the following are the best ways

1) Directory Submission (DS)
DS is one of the most trusted and the best way to gather one way links to your weblog. You just have to figure out your niche and submit your blog into. It sometimes takes time for your weblog to be listed in the blog directory, but its ok when it comes to provide result, and in this case it means one way link to your weblog.

You can also consider the list of top blog directories for the blog submission. I won't mind going for some paid blog submission also.

2) Article Syndication (AS)
AS is another good technique for blog promotion, all you need to do is to create an informative and a useful article and promote it via submitting it in the top article directories

The only thing to be kept in mind is to give the URL of the weblog in the resource section of the article, and if the article directory permits giving the option of more than one URL then its better to give some other useful URLs in the resource section along with the main domain.

I would prefer to be a consistent performer and submitting different articles in the top article directories, this gives an edge for syndicating the content, as well as promoting the blog.

3) Distributing RSS Feeds
All the blogs comes with the option of distributing the RSS feeds for the weblog and/or website. And hence it becomes quite necessary to promote the content of the weblog via distributing the RSS feeds.

There are basically two options for utilising the RSS feeds, providing the RSS feeds URL on the weblog itself and prompting the user/visitor to subscribe to the feeds and the other option is to submit the RSS feeds to the top RSS Feeds directories

You can also very frequently update your status, create or join communities and be a part of the social network. You can focus on social bookmarking websites, social news websites, or social media sharing websites.

As we know its difficult to focus on all the social websites, I prefer to focus on the following for blog promotion

4) Facebook
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website. You can create a group or a page for your weblog and ask your friends to read and share their views for the same.

5) Twitter
You can use the hottest microblogging website Twitter by creating a profile for your blog and getting the followers and followees, and start sharing the blog updates in the twitter updates.

If you want to know more about how to create the twitter profile and how to optimize it, then you should definitely read this article - 13 ways to optimize your twitter profile

6) Flickr
Flickr comes in handy if you have a photolog, i.e., a photo blog, then you can use the images in flickr and other social networking websites to promote your blog.

Images can be a source of huge traffic, you can drive tons of traffic from images.

7) Yahoo Answers
Yahoo answers also provide a way to answer the questions and/or to ask for the questions. The thing to be kept in mind is that, you should choose your niche first and then start taking part in the Yahoo answers. The Yahoo answers provide you with the option of a source box where you can provide a link to your weblog.

But always do keep in mind that you are not spamming there by answering everything just for the sake of getting a link back, but you are providing the link to your weblog as a resource and the participant should get some value out of it.

8) Digg
Digg is one of the best technology blog where users vote for the story based on their relevancy and accuracy. Digg provides more or less the latest news and can be a great deal of success for your weblog,

9) Wikipedia Citations
This is a very delicate technique to promote your blog and should be done with utmost care. The citations are the very reference link which you provide as a reference to the article in wikipedia, and as such you should be highly ginuene in providing the reference link.

Always remember that unnecessary and unreliable links are deleted from Wikipedia.

10) Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is one of the key aspects of blog promotion, but off late this is being used by people to often spam the comments and that is the reason why you see the nofollow tag in the comment section of the story.

There are two ways to comment on the blog and get a link back, one way is search for blogs and then comment something with the topic and the other thing is to comment on this post and get a follow link back to your website.