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January 23, 2010

Google Features New Enhanced Search Results With Google Squared And Rich Snippets

Google has enhanced its search results with the two new features, it launched last year.
- The Google Squared and
- Rich Snippets
both of which were launched to improve search by better understanding of the web.

1) Google Squared - Answer Highlighting Feature
The first new feature which Google enhanced in it's pre-existing search results is the answer highlighting feature. This feature provides the information more quickly by delivering the likely answer to your question in boldface type right in search results.

For Example:
The search for [empire state height], used to look like this

With the today's improvement the answer —1250 ft, or 381 m — is highlighted right in the search result.

2) Expanding Rich Snippets - Including Events

Rich Snippets are the brief annotations that summarizes what's on the page so you can see it at a glance on your search results page. Google was showing the improved snippet formats for reviews and people only, from now on events will also be included.

The new format will list events as search result snippets, along with dates, locations and links directly to pages about those specific events.

For Example:

If you search for [irving plaza]:

The new result format provides a fast and convenient way to identify pages with events and click directly to the ones you find interesting. If you're into Hip Hop Karaoke, you can quickly find out when and where the next show is in Irving Plaza, and click for more info.

Google is always steps ahead, and its every move is based on increasing the search experience even better than yesterday.

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