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July 02, 2008

Google Report a Spam Result

What will be the result if your hard work goes in vain? Your content is being copied and you feel helpless as to what as of know could be done. There might be 100 questions in your mind like,

1) --> How to put breaks to Duplicacy?
2) --> How to restrict others not to copy my content?
3) --> What to do in case my content is being copied?
4) --> Where should I go for complaining, about my content being copied by another website?
5) --> How should I stop the results being shown by the website, who has copied my website's content?
6) --> How should I contact GOOGLE and intimate about the duplicacy?
7) --> How should I tell GOOGLE that my content being original and is copied by the other website which is showing up in the organic search results for some particular keyword?

To whom should I go and complaint for all these things???

The answer to all this is provided by GOOGLE, in the GOOGLE's Report

This is something interesting and helpful also which Google has provided in order to restrict the spammers.

Google Report a Spam Result which has a form to be submitted by the webmaster or the user to show where that particular website is showing up in the Google Search results. The following is the screen shot of the page,

Once submitted, Google Takes Care of it.

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