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August 22, 2009

How to Report a Spam Result to Bing

There are basically two ways to report a spam result to Bing.
  1. Feedback Link - The feedback button located at the right hand corner on the Bing Home Page,

    It has several options for the feedback, like

    • General Comment

    • Didn't Find What I Was Looking For

    • Found Spam

    • Found A Problem Or Bug

    • Request A New Feature

    • The Way The Page Looks

    • I Was Looking For A Specific Answer

    • Update The Best Match Result Information

    Choose the third option, found spam, and fill the details along with your comment in no more than 1000 characters. This is what the form looks like,

  2. FeedBack Form - This is the form for reporting spam in the search results to Bing. It inculdes the following details,

  • Windows Live ID

  • Type of Problem

  • Content Removal Request
    • Content Inculsion Request

    • My Site Has A Malware Warning

    • Enhanced Caption Removal

    • Update The Best Match Result Information

    • Other

  • Details of the Problem

  • Search Query/Keyword

  • Search Result URL

  • Sites on which action to be taken

  • Frequency of the Issue

  • Type of Internet connection

Once submitted Bing takes care of it all.

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