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August 22, 2009

How to Report Spam Result to Yahoo

As like Google, Yahoo also protects the integrity of it's users data, and helps them to report spam results if they find.

Yahoo Spam Report Form
This all works by filling the and mentioning the basic details like, but before that you need to go to Yahoo Search Spam Report

1) Name

2) Email Address

3) URL Address
- The address of the URL which is SPAM

4) YAHOO search URL
- Copy the URL of the Yahoo! Search results page where this spam appeared.

5) Specify the Type of SPAM

  • Illegal Content
  • Adult Content For Non - Adult Search
  • Excessive Pop Up Windows
  • Machine Generated Page
  • Redirects To Another Site
  • Excessive Keyword Repetition
  • Deceptive Affiliate Content
  • Deceptive Title/Description
  • Others (If not any of the above then, mention it in the box)
6) Search Terms - Specify the Search Term(s) for which you got the result

Once done Yahoo takes care of it all.

How Yahoo Search Spam Report Form Looks Like

The image is the sample Yahoo Search Spam Report Form,

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