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August 25, 2008

Search Engine Updates

The Search Engines undergo a lot and lot of major or minor updates. In this post I have depicted some of the updates or the new technology launched by the 3 majors,, i.e., Google, Yahoo and MSN. As there are a lot many changes going on and the updates which happened in the past also, this post is typically portraying the information about the current major changes the three search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN) are undergoing, starting as early as July_08.

Web Page Translator
Microsoft has launched the Web Page Translator service. Get your web page translate including the chat, read more..

Google's Browser - Chrome
Google launched it's own browser. The new browser is fast & shiny with pros and cons. The browser has a feature to show the previous opened pages in the browser itself when you open it the next time. It shows the history on the web page itself read more..

The All New Live Search
MSN came up with the new interface for Live Search. The Live Search will show a background image that will change frequently, including "hotspots", read more..

New Yahoo Site Explorer
It's cool, it's trendy, it's user friendly, and is now with more search functionality with better indexing for your website. Yahoo recently modified the Site Explorer interface, read more..

Google Developed Blogger Gadgets
Now choose from a variety of gadgets from Google's Gadgets Directory for Blogger, or create from a variety of cool Gadgets from Google Gadgets Directory, read more..

Yahoo Search Results Enhanced
Yahoo enhanced it's search results for breaking news. In order to improve the freshness and recency of Search and to show the breaking news article faster, Yahoo! recently updated the search result listings, read more..

Google Launched Knols
Google launched a tool for writing authorative articles, raise your profile as an expert in your field, read more..

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