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September 03, 2008

The All New Live Search

The Top-3 Search Engines are undergoing major changes these days. It may be in terms of functionality, like Yahoo did for Breaking Search Results, Google launched Knols or in terms of graphical interface, where Yahoo came up with the New Yahoo Site Explorer, check out for more updates here. Every one wants to be the number one here. Now MSN came up with the new interface for Live Search. It looks like below.

The Live Search will show a background image that will change frequently, including "hotspots."

They have invented something called as "HOTSPOTS" which are the interactive areas highlighting the parts of the image and help in exploring search results related to the highlighted area.

In this home page, which is currently available in US (with Hotspots) the background home page images will change regularly. Hotspots appear as the page loads and then fades into the image, which appears again by moving mouse over them, revealing details about the image and a link to a related search result.

"Our goal for the home page is to find the best way to enhance users' sense of discovery, surprise, and delight while balancing engineering realities for a great user experience." - Live Search

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