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April 06, 2009

Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics is the best online tool available to track down your visitors. Moreover it's free and does not require any set up costs also. All requir is to install the tracking code on the pages to be tracked of the website, just before the end body tag of the page.

Here in this post I have tried to mention the basic required Google Analytics Checklist, which is the best way to get started for keeping your visitors tracked. I found this post very informative as well as interesting, so thought of mentioning it on the blog itself.

Google Analytics Checklist

Getting Started
Installing Tracking Code : Install the tracking code and start viewing the reports in 24hrs
Data Interpretation : Learn how to interpret the data on the Analytics Videos on Youtube
Getting Started Guide : Explore the interface, learn how to read basic reports
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting : The cool feature which allows you to drag and drop the boxes, and create custom reports for your campaigns
Creating Customized Email Reporting : You can send regular reports to the emails
Maximising Online Advertising
Linking to Adwords : Link your Adwords account with Google Analytics Account, monitor the Adwords Revenue, conversions and keep a track on the ROI of the campaigns
Optimizing Keywords : Learn tips and tricks to maximize your advertising spent
Tagging Other Campaigns : Track conversions on banner ads, email marketing, and other marketing initiatives
Tracking Ecommerce : Link ecommerce performance to keywords and marketing campaigns for details on ROI
Advanced Segmentation : Define custom segments to isolate traffic types by metrics important to your business
Exploring Advanced Features
Setting up Goals : See conversion rates for ads, visitor segments etc
Tracking Flash : See for Adobe Flash Tracking
Analytics Help
Google Analytics Help Center : Read FAQ,s to get more oon Google Analytics
Ask a Question : Post questions and gethelp from experts on Forum
Contact a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant : Get professional fee based help
Watch more Analytics Videos : Learn about new features, keyword optimization etc

Keeping in mind the above points wont make it difficult to use and install the Google Analytics Code, and tracking down the visitors the the website.

Source: Google Analytics Blog